Kurt Christian

"When you wake up, with the remains of a paradise half-seen in dreams, hanging down over you like the hair on someone who's been drowned...."

Julio Cortazar, Hopscotch

"If I catch you drawing or painting Tommy, I'll skin you with a blunt rake. Art and religion and drink. All of them ruin to a poor lad. Leave'em to the millionaires that can afford to go to the devil first-class all the way. You've got to work for your living."

Joyce Cary, The Horse's Mouth

"(Kurt) Christian creates discrete objects that exist apart from his acts that created them. He does not relegate them to second-class, by-product status because of some inclusion in some conceptual schemata. They convey a Cheshire Cat sense of lingering presence, an adjunct of aura that, in this case,translates into curiosity and bewonderment. They hold their place on the wall and command the respect of a little attention. And if that doesn't mean something, then meaning has been spin-doctored out of existence."

James Scarborough, NY Arts Magazine (March 2001)


Kurt Christian lives and works in Philadelphia. He can be contacted at info(at)kurtchristian.com.


Joseph Silvestro Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


National Gallery of Brooklyn, NY


Lightwell Gallery, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Norick Art Center, Oklahoma City University, OK


Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, St. Gregory’s University, OK


"6th Annual City-Wide Open Studios weekend" (July 2011) Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis


"December Group Show," (Dec 10, 2010 - Jan 22, 2011) Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, St. Louis, MO


"Shades of Blue," City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK


"The Spring Exposition," Joseph Silvestro Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Participating artists: Patrick Armacost, Michael Byron, Kurt Christian, Stuart Davis, Tom Friedman, Chie Fueki, Jackie Gendel, David Hayward, Sir George Hater, Stanley William Hater, Joshua Marsh, Sabina Ott, and Gary Passanise.

"Infected Spaces," The Viewing Room, New York, NY


"Fall Selections," National Gallery of Brooklyn, NY


"Highland Cultural Center National Juried Exhibition," Highland, NY


"12x12 Show," Oklahoma Visual Artists Coalition, Oklahoma City, OK


Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, TX


Kirkpatrick Center, Oklahoma City, OK


Pedazos Del Mundo Gallery, Houston, TX


Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art, University of Oklahoma


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